The Mystic 'Aerta' spread the power of Lord God Akene with their Cakram. Their mysterious and secretive feagure makes them to take duty for the executor hiding in backside of the Shelter of Spiral and keep discipline of their society. however, after the Shelter of Spiral had taken by unknown invasion, they have been making constant effort on the front line. They let thier pride down and make the cooperation with Veampely. The Mystics has silver lining, as far as their sweats are spreading.

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The Mystic tempt enemies and give the deadly damage with their rapid attack speed and movement speed.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Multi Summon Multi Summon
Summon marking with shock wave(Use Q key for teleport to the Marking location
Technical dodge Technical dodge
you can do back fall while you are being attacked.
Whirling dance Whirling dance
Spin the body to damage all enemies around in wide area