The Mystic 'Cannonire' made the gunlance inherited from Veamfely awaken newly. The gunlance was the weapon integrated Veamfely's technology and the one of the posthumous work of Master Meister Shendler, but its riskiness and complicated operating requirement made it unwished among Blenhaim. at this time, the Mystics injured by unknown invasion gathered to Tempera kingdom. some of them had started to say the power of 'Excelia' and 'Aerta' will be not enough to get back their Shelter of Spiral. Eventually, some of them shook their hands with Veamfely workshop to accept gunlance as weapon and upgrade their power. They are the Mystics called Valkyrie.

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The Mystic resonates their heavy barrel to practice a free and splendid combat.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Device shot Device shot
Summon gear firing automatically to enemies around. You can use special skill for mechanic gear
Graviton cannon Graviton cannon
Fire Missile outbursting and creating gravity field. All the enemies in the certain scale, get sharply reduced of movement speed.
Multi target shot Multi target shot
3 guided missile to the 3 targets. You can attack multi targets at once.