The fighters, who fight in the close-range against enemies in the front, had considered the toughness of their body as the royal road to the true martial arts. However, their battle style became differ depending on their families and raised environments. The berserkers widely raised from the Sarad contienent, stands against Strong enemies with the belief on their massive swords and strong smash. They can destroy even toughest armor and defeat with their powerful attack. The ultimate guardians are known as not only their excessive smash but also the destructive ability from their power from their stimulated metabolism.

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The fighter has skills for bound attack using great sword, making powerful damage and special attack using blood points.

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Iconic Skills

Bash Bash
attack with a strong downward slash enchanted fire elemental.
Stance change Stance change
you can switch between hack stance and slash stance
Blood point Blood point
The blood points will be gathered upon action. The points can stacked up to 100. you can use blood impact and blood rust using the blood points.