The fighters, who fight in the close-range against enemies in the front, had considered the toughness of their body as the royal road to the true martial arts. However, their battle style became differ depending on their families and raised environments. The Guardians widely raised from the Judar contienent, stands against Strong enemies with the belief on their heavy armors, large shields, tough stamina. The ultimate guardians are known as not only their tremendous armor ability but also destructive ability from gathering strong power into the edge of their sword, and ripping the air.

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The fighter has high HP and exceptional armor.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Expert guard Expert guard
smash the shield forward and stand with whole body. Guard perfectly without consuming guard gauge.
Iron skin Iron skin
harden the body like iron to increase physical resistance and activate super armor effect. However the speed of movement and attack will be decrease because of heavy weight.
Breeze turn Breeze turn
do upper strike to the target with charging while front guard. You will be the front guard pose while charging, and enemy armor condition while do additional attack.