Blade master

The fighters, who fight in the close-range against enemies in the front, had considered the toughness of their body as the royal road to the true martial arts. However, their battle style became differ depending on their families and raised environments. The blade masters widely raised from the Sarad contienent, can be referred as an aggressively evolved fighters, with their passionate life of the war which have been being continue from the creation of continents. They deflect enemy's blade calmly, and do the counter attack at a breath like a tempest. They can stomp and ravage their enemies. The ultimate Blade masters can rip all enemies nearby out with only one sword drawing.

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Blade master

The fighter has skills for quick movement, and technical attack.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Counter smash Counter smash
when you are counter position, perfect guard will be activated. If you are attacked, make a counter attack.
Storm Whirlwind Storm Whirlwind
Spin rapidly and cut enemies nearby. Only slow moving will be allowed while the skill casting.
Tachyon smash Tachyon smash
Approach to the target, and do multiple attacks with high speed.