The hunters can move faster than thought with a calm mind. They can attack enemies' vital points faster than even light, with their eyes of eagle, which penetrate enemies in any circumstance. Due to their movements are free as wind, they can have been making unique battle styles, including the assassin who fight against enemies with their powerful martial arts and sharp daggers. They can ravage enemies by deadly pierce and swift movements with the one attack of the poisoned daggers. The ultimate assassins can enchant strong energy to their shadow for tracking enemies and make them be death in despair.

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The hunter has exceptional movements, various skill combo and wire battle skill.

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Iconic Skills

Ankle cutter Ankle cutter
attack enemy's ankle, and make it slow
Poison dart Poison dart
shoot the poison sting of deadly poison. The damaged enemy's speed of movement/attack will be decrease. You can use it in the air.
Shadow wire Shadow wire
shoot the wire to pull the target