The hunters can move faster than thought with a calm mind. They can attack enemies' vital points faster than even light, with their eyes of eagle, which penetrate enemies in any circumstance. Due to their movements are free as wind, they can have been making unique battle styles, including the Scouter who can ravage enemies with strong explosives and various gears. The hunters also are able to enchant elemental to their powders and arrows to make strong explosion. The ultimate scouters can tempt the enemies to their set traps and eliminate them with a single finger trigger.

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The hunter has physical and magical skills including elemental attacks using various traps and enchants.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Artillery fire Artillery fire
request bombard to the scouter heavy cannons installed all over the world.
Explosion trap Explosion trap
install a tracking trap, which makes a strong explosion and burn an enemy when it reaches to the enemy or the certain time passed. The exploded area will become a flaming area for a short time to damage additionally.
Line trap Line trap
fire bullets in a straight line for a short time.