The hunters can move faster than thought with calm mind. They can attack enemies' vital points faster than even light, with their eyes of eagle, which penetrate enemies in any circumstance. Due to their movements are free as wind, they can have been making unique battle styles, including the Ranger who can shoot the target over 400 kilometers, with a ranged weapon such as bow and gun. The hunters also are able to shoot multiple arrow at once, and hit targets precisely with a remarkable speed. The ultimate rangers can enchant own energy to a arrow or bullet, so that hit enemies with a strong attack destroying any armors or obstacles.

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The hunter has exceptional attack range and survival ability.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Freezing shot Freezing shot
make freezing explosion to the targeted area.
Arrow Shower Arrow Shower
spread lots of arrows to the wide scale of area.
Aimed shot Aimed shot
concentrate to one point, and fire a powerful shot.