After the genesis war, The Dawin, a elf who had saved panicked humans from threaten of monsters established Veamfly and settle the foundation of a nation. His leadership had become more solid and survived humans became stabilized. The time goes by, humans departed and forget the crisis which they confronted. They started to defame the Dawin to takes privileges and interests based on Veamfly. So the Dawin exhausted for the humans and vanished with hoping solidarity of the Veamfly. When the Dawin takes the Veamfly off, the magicians who had learned magic from him, also leave the Veamfly and settled on the eastern island of Blemhaim. They took in charge of guardians of Blemhaim's peace themselves, and called themselves as the magicians of Ikesans. the Ikesans, who have endevered constantly for Blenhaim's safety, has also interested to develop new weapons with Sperr purnis' help. the development of new weapons has extended to the creation of double gun and musket. they started to train the bullet shooters with combining those weapons and magics.

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The hunter has skills for dual attack, exceptional dodge and close ranged case shot.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Deep sniping Deep sniping
snipe the target with a rifle. The attack makes it penetrated and bleed. When you enchant lightening, the attack has stun effect, reduced attack range, and improved scales of explosion.
Shot gun Shot gun
equip slug bullets and shoot lots of bullets at once.
Rising circle Rising circle
jump and fire extensively at 180 degrees to defeat enemies of nearby.