Blade dancer

The witchblade 'Blade dancer' controls the fluid but strong blade with mysterious magic power. Her strong power makes her rejected and attacked, but she loved nature and harmonized with mild power of the water. Moreover They show a powerful figure with the spirits which are sometimes harmonized with her and sometimes fight against her enemies with her. They are an expert of not only close-ranged combat but also mid-ranged combat with the power of water elemental.

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Blade dancer

The witch blade specialized normal attack having many skill type of applying Buff/Debuff skill on attack and bleeding effect

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Raid Flower Raid Flower
Invade with sword and fluttering petal to the target area.
Dragon dance Dragon dance
Cut all area nearby with restrained and mild action like dragon
Dead fall Dead fall
Make straight downward attack during jump action. If you success this skill, you can have chance to additional airburne attack.