Night stalker

The witch blade 'Night Stalker' who harmonized with dark magic power, eliminate enemies with summoning the outer world's powerful servants like 'Magnetic gravito'. Especially, the special ability imbuing the chain blade with each servant's unique power, is popular with its strong power. They can show their best power on the mid or long range combat using servants and chain blades, which has long range.

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Night stalker

The witch blade has ability summoning various kinds of servants and bearing the servant's power with chain blade.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Summon: Magnetic Gravito Summon: Magnetic Gravito
Summon the Magnetic Gravito, the fallen priest of Akene for a while.
Summon: Skull Jade-S Summon: Skull Jade-S
Summon Skull Jake's final evolution form and fight with it.
Gluttony: Break, Behead, Destroy Gluttony: Break, Behead, Destroy
Gluttony:Break on absorbing Diabolic Wolf, Gluttony:Behead on absorbing Titania, Gluttony:Destroy on absorbing Banshee