The witchblade 'Warden' controls the fluid but strong power of water with mysterious magic power. Her strong power makes her rejected and attacked, but she loved nature and harmonized with mild power of the water. Moreover she shows a powerful figure with the spirits which are sometimes harmonized with her and sometimes fight againt her enemies. She is an expert of not only close-ranged combat but also mid-ranged combat with the power of water elemental.

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The witchblade has ability to apply freezing attack, summoning(Skull Jake, Sielice) and wide-scale magic with ice magic to targets

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Iconic Skills

Frost wall Frost wall
summon ice wall to defense enemy's attack. Hit by summoning makes the target airborne
Frozen pressure Frozen pressure
Water elemental explosion raised to the wide area targeted.
Tempest Tempest
Fall ice pillars in the random spot around the character to attack the target. Super armor effect activates when you are in the dual.