The witch blade 'Slayer' who is fallen to the dark power, have eliminated enemies with the powerful dark power beyond imagination. Their swift and splendid body motion which was enhanced by dark magic, cannot tracked by even experienced hunter. Their extreme body moves brutally cut enemy's body and the Cruel dark magic fallen to the dark, stamps over the enemies against slayers and make their bodies impossible to identity. Slayers are competent to use dark magic but the most strong way to fight is the closed-range combat with the dark magic.

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The witch blade has various holding and charge skills to show splendid skill combo.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Killer bee Killer bee
Make straight downward attack during jump action. If you success this skill, you can have chance to additional airborne attack.
Scissors chain slash Scissors chain slash
Cut rapidly 6 times. You can make cancel attack while you use this skill. Super armor activated while casting this skill.
Mortal chain cut Mortal chain cut
Grasp, push and cut the target 7 times. If the target is dead or disappear, make final attack to end this skill. If you success to grasp, super armor activated while hitting the target repeatedly.