The Ikesans magicians who have been protecting Blemhaim for a long time, has developed a new magic gear 'Evil eye' which can maximize the connections with spirits. The magicians wanted to use it against monsters, but the evil eye reacts to the disparate power of souls than the connection of spirit. The totally different power gives the another chance to the shamans who have been desperate to find a new power. They started researches for the souls, and they had started the conflicts with whom feels the disparate soul's power repulsion. After all, those conflicts make victims, and the prohibition for the evil eye practiced under the name of Shaman. However, the one of the elder shaman, Paulo protected secretly some of shamans who attracted by the evil eye, for keeping researching souls. Time passed, and Blenhaim faced its crisis. the shamans appears under the sun to turn the crisis to the opportunity of them with showing their power and ability. They started to call themselves as 'Demonisher'

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The shaman has skills for close-ranged attack magics, long-ranged soul skills, and special transformation magics

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Iconic Skills

Orb strike Orb strike
make the spelled orb rotating the caster around rapidly and attack nearby enemies for 2 times. Invincible effect will be activated for a short time while the skill casting.
Thorn of pain Thorn of pain
give the bone-chilling pain with the thorn of the hell
The Judgement of great soul The Judgement of great soul
The great hammer of soul judges the enemies of forward.