The way to handle the spirit power differ depending on the characteristics of the Shaman and the region. The Illusionist is a typical example that raised by Levin territory. Illusionist have been in the Levin territory and They use the power with a different way which is using apport. They use strong magics and skills are not visible. Those who against them were cut by invisible blades, and cannot reach them by invisible shields. The ultimate Illusionist can summon great spirit's fist making the enemies in despair.

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The shaman has combo attacks, wide scale protection barriers and various wide scale magics.

Ability Option


Iconic Skills

Phantom Scrape Phantom Scrape
Install invisible blades to the target of forward. When the blades cut the enemies off, it will be disappear, and also will be gone after a certain period of time. You can explode it with the phantom crash.
Phantom Tornado Phantom Tornado
Creates a huge tornado drawing enemies of forward
Soul aura Soul aura
Protect yourself and party members with creating a soul barrier around you. Invincible effect will be activated within this soul aura