The fighters, who fight in the close-range against enemies in the front, had considered the toughness of their body as the royal road to the true martial arts. However, their battle style became differ depending on their families and raised environments. The warriors widely raised from the Tempere contienent, are used to like to charge rapidly to enemies for cutting them beyond their reaction, and also kinds of all-rounders. The ultimate warriors can reached to the level able to use ultimate skills obtained from tens of thousands of repeated training. they can split the ground with one strike to blow lots of enemies away.

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The fighter has skills for various kinds of close ranged attack and grasp attack using all body.

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Iconic Skills

Bera step Bera step
Move quickly, Hit the target nearby to stun it, and make an additional strike to push it away. You will be crouched while you rush.
Velvet Crasher Velvet Crasher
make the target airborne and smash upon wide area.
Spirit arts Spirit arts
Approach to the target rapidly, and hit with multiple and strong attack. You will be crouch while dash, and invincible effect activated while the skill casting