The way to handle the spirit power differ depending on the characteristics of the Shaman and the region. The Reaper is a typical example that raised by Levin territory. Because of the frequent battles in the area, Reapers can use powerful martial arts and enchant the dark spirit's power to their battle scythes. They use the power to make their body being beyond the limits and defeat their enemies. the ultimate Reapers can gather the power into their body and enchant the dark spirit's power to the battle scythe.

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The shaman has skills for strong attacks, bleeding attacks, exceptional mobility.

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Iconic Skills

Death mine Death mine
attack target's back and pull the target. the invincible effect will be activated for a short time.
Hell scythe Hell scythe
Concentrate the energy to the battle scythe, visualize the blade with the energy, and throw the blade to the forward. Semi-super armor effect will be activated for a short time. You can break target's guard with this skill.
Hell bringer Hell bringer
It has been allowed only to the legendary Reapers. With this skill, reapers can wield more deadly damages than the ultimate martial arts by blending the powerful martial arts with the sharp battle scythe skill.