The way to handle the spirit power differ depending on the characteristics of the Shaman and the region. The Elementalist a typical example that raised by Hernarde territory. Elementalists regards the rapports with spirits within the harmonization of the nature, as major value of them. They summon the pure power of spirits, and fight against their enemies with the power. They understand the mother nature's power and use each elemental proficiently enough to fly into sky with spirit's help. The ultimate Elementalists can summon upper grade spirits into the Blenhaim.

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The shaman can change their skill by elemental switch, make wide-area elemental magics, and summon spirits(Ifrit, Siape).

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Iconic Skills

Salamander Salamander
Summon Salamander running on the ground. It will run toward along ground shape and explode when it reaches an enemy. Its higher level allows to summon the more salamanders.
Circle lightening Circle lightening
Fall a strong lightening bolt to nearby.
Meteor Meteor
Summon a massive meteor and fall it to the targeted area. Powerful explosions will arise for 3 times.